The Company

We specialize in the production of stabilizers and antioxidants for every kind of candle and the basic components that make them – dyes, fragrances and waxes.

The strengths of Protection Chemicals lie on our comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of candles, their basic materials and production processes. A multitude of test series and analyses continuously enhance our experience and improve our products even further.

Thanks to our close collaboration with dye, fragrance and wax suppliers, we have been able to develop stabilizer blends that offer optimal protection for all candle materials from light, oxidation, heat and other chemical reactions.

Employees in Europe, the US and Asia provide ideal consulting and support for our customers.

This experience and specialization coupled with our analyses and tests have led our company to become the leading producer in the candle industry in less than 10 years.

A significant portion of our resources is dedicated to research and development to prepare us for the future. This is how we ensure that our customers will continue to receive the best grade of stabilizers from us.


Protection Chemicals GmbH & CO. KG

Established: 2004

Owner: Dominik Illger

Locations: Germany – USA – China

Areas of specialty: Candles – dyes, fragrances, waxes

Objective: Protection against light and chemical reactions

Strengths: Optimal protection through practical tests and analyses


How We Work

We begin every new business relationship with a personal conversation in which we discuss the individual and technical needs of our customers. Their specific manufacturing requirements, precise task description and questions regarding the product will define how we proceed.

Once we have understood in detail what the customers need, they receive suitable stabilizers they can use to run their own tests. In many cases, we conduct practical tests to develop the ideal blend for the customers’ individual requirements.

Quality Promise

We introduced the EN ISO 9001 standard to ensure consistently high quality. This approach involves monitoring critical quality control points throughout the life cycle of all raw materials used from the time they enter the factory until they leave. Absorption curves are generated from the raw materials and compared to standards even before they enter production. The production process, which is guided by computer according to preset parameters, is thoroughly documented and all finished batches are given a final check before shipping. A software program documents the entire procedure seamlessly, from the order to dispatch, which guarantees the precise tracking of each batch.

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