Light Fastness Test

The color fastness of candles is a critical quality criterion for manufacturers, because any change in color might lower the value of the product or be cause for returns. Not every company has the equipment and experience needed to conduct its own testing.

Protection Chemicals has developed special light chambers that will quickly show the light fastness of candles. In addition to the finished candles, in many cases we also test the raw materials (dye, fragrance and wax) individually, after which our seasoned employees analyze the results.


Once the light and heat tests have been analyzed, we present the results and discuss the findings with our customers. We also make a recommendation as to which is the most effective and cost-efficient stabilizer.

In order to propose the right product for our customers, we also test whether changing the color formula or the fragrance will improve the candle’s light fastness and heat resistance.

Stabilizers come in powder and liquid form. In most cases, the powder forms work better because they are more effective and nevertheless cheaper than the liquid products.

Customized Development

Most of our stabilizers are blends of UV absorbers and antioxidants. The different between stabilizers lies in the spectrum of light waves they absorb and the composition of the antioxidants used. After conducting a multitude of practical tests, experience has shown that certain stabilizers are very effective and these are used by our customers around the world.

Nevertheless, we also develop new, custom blends to tackle extremely specific stability issues, such as a particular wax or a critical fragrance used by our customers.

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